Many initiatives and actions in the field of bioeconomy are already carried out in the Grand Est region, thanks to an ambitious local dynamic (schools of higher education, research laboratories, biorefineries, agro-industries, cooperatives, companies, start-ups and so on) which makes the bioeconomy an ecosystem in its own right, constituting the regional DNA.
    It is therefore not a coincidence that, alongside Industry, it has been identified as a key sector of the Région Grand Est in its Regional Scheme for Economic Development, Innovation and Internationalisation (SRDEII).

    The Grand Est a European leader in the bioeconomy


    The ambition of the Region is to consolidate all these initiatives by building a roadmap and an action plan organised around scientific excellence, the competitiveness of regional companies, the development of training courses, the attractiveness of the area and structuring the supply of raw materials, in close liaison with the Competitiveness Cluster Industries & Agro-Resources (IAR) in Bezannes in the Marne.
    This regional strategy for the bioeconomy, with a long-term focus, will mobilise all stakeholders around common themes, clarify the scope of the bioeconomy and identify and support the levers and structuring actions. Annual General Assemblies will report on the progress of this approach.
    What is expected is to ensure the visibility of the area, to integrate new players/investors in this dynamic and thus affirm the position of the Région Grand Est as one of the leaders of bioeconomy in France but also in Europe.

    The bioeconomy (economy of bio-based products) encompasses all biomass production and processing activities (agricultural, silvicultural and algal renewable resources) to develop and disseminate biomolecules, food ingredients, biomaterials and bioenergy. It aims to ensure the transition from an economy based on fossil fuels to a green economy based on biomass.

    Diagram extracted from the IAR website


    • 1 competitiveness cluster with a worldwide vocation: IAR (Industries and Agro-Resources) in Bezannes in the Marne
    • 3 million hectares of land devoted to agriculture
    • 2 million hectares of forest production
    • Agriculture = €5 billion of added value for the Grand Est
    • Nearly 25% of French sugar production, 20% of rapeseed production, 10% of wheat production and 3% of maize production come from the lands of the region.
    • 1st hemp producing region in Europe.
    • Nearly 1 in 20 jobs in the Region (111,800) is related to the agricultural and agri-food sector.

    Renowned research and technology transfer centres : INRA, CNRS, ARD, FRD, CRITT MDTS
    Engineering schools concerned : AgroParistech and Centrale Paris in Pomacle Bazancourt, Arts et Métiers ParisTech in Châlons-en-Champagne…