Focus on the 14 Vice-Presidents of the Région Grand Est :

    • Franck LEROY : Environment, ecological transition, Regional plan for planning, sustainable development and territorial equality
    • Valérie DEBORD : Employment, training, guidance and apprenticeship
    • François GROSDIDIER : Higher education, research and innovation
    • Christèle WILLER : Sustainable high school and education
    • Boris RAVIGNON : Economy, EU funds and public procurement
    • Brigitte TORLOTING : Greater Region, cross-border, Europe and international relations
    • Philippe MANGIN : Agriculture, bioeconomy, viticulture and forestry
    • Denise BUHL : Mountains, rurality, local heritage
    • François WERNER : Youth and sport
    • Nadège HORNBECK : Health, solidarity and family
    • Marc SEBEYRAN : Finance
    • Marie-Gabrielle CHEVILLON : Territorial cohesion and contractualisation
    • Thibaut PHILIPPS : sustainable transport and mobility
    • Elisabeth DEL GENINI : Citizenship and commitment

    See all elected of the Region Grand Est

    Thematic committees

    The Committees study the dossiers that come under the different regional competences and put forward their views to the President of the Region.

    15 thematic committees have been formed :

    • The Finance Committee
    • The International Relations Committee
    • The Committee on Transport, Travel and Infrastructure
    • The Vocational Training Committee
    • The Committee on Sustainable High School and Education
    • The Economic Development Committee
    • The Higher Education, Research and Innovation Committee
    • The Commission on Territories
    • The Environment Commission
    • The Agriculture, Viticulture and Forestry Commission
    • The Culture and Memory Commission
    • The Tourism Commission
    • The Health, Solidarity and Citizenship Commission
    • The Sport and Youth Commission
    • The Mountain, Rurality, Local Heritage and Landscape Heritage Commission,