The elected

Focus on the 15 Vice-Presidents of the Région Grand Est :

Jean-Luc BOHL – Attractiveness and Influence
Christine GUILLEMY – Initial Training, High School and Apprenticeship
David VALENCE – Mobility and Transport Infrastructures
Lilla MERABET – Competitiveness, Digital Technology and Sectors of Excellence
Marc SEBEYRAN – Finance, Management Control and Public procurement
Valérie DEBORD – Employment
Xavier ALBERTINI – Strategy and Prospects
Elsa SCHALCK – Youth and Guidance, Engagement, Citizenship and Territorial Democracy
Philippe MANGIN – Bioeconomy, Agribusiness and Bioenergy
Nicole MULLER-BECKER – Cross-border cooperation and development of multilingualism
Jean-Paul OMEYER – Sports
Pascale GAILLOT – Agriculture and Rurality
Franck LEROY – Territorial Cohesion, Contractualisation and Territorial Balance
Christèle WILLER – Energy and Ecological Transition
François WERNER – Coordination of European policies, Higher Education and Research

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Thematic committees

The Committees study the dossiers that come under the different regional competences and put forward their views to the President of the Region.

15 thematic committees have been formed :

  • Finance Committee
  • Committee on Cross-border and International Relations
  • Transport and Travel Committee
  • Professional Training Committee
  • High Schools and Apprenticeship Committee
  • Youth Committee
  • Economic Development Committee
  • Innovation Committee
  • Higher Education and Research Committee
  • Agriculture and Forestry Committee
  • Town and Country Planning Committee
  • Environment Committee
  • Culture Committee
  • Sports Committee
  • Tourism Committee

Regional councillors with delegation :

  • Housing
  • Health and social training
  • Equality of Women and Men
  • Airports
  • Medium-sized towns
  • Remembrance
  • Experimentation in Employment
  • Forestry
  • Experimentation in Health
  • Frontier workers
  • Local law
  • Cottage industries
  • Digital uses
  • Local identities
  • Social and solidarity economy, associative life and business creation

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