The Industry of the Future Regional Plan is one of the main lines of the regional policy to support the competitiveness of SMEs/ETI and aims to make the Grand Est one of the European leaders in the industry of the future. It also aims to create an ecosystem favourable to receiving industries of the future and technology developers.

    To become industries of the future, companies must integrate new technologies and production methods while optimising energy resources and rethinking the place of humans in the organisation. This is how they will be able to grow, conquer new markets and create jobs.

    The 4 main lines of the plan :

    1.  The diagnosis of industrial performance, which is 100% subsidised by the Region and carried out by a group of pre-selected experts, results in an action plan for the company: analysis of operational excellence, employee management, environmental aspects and in-depth technological study (digital, robotisation, 3D simulation, etc.).
    2.  The customised support of companies (especially those who have benefited from the diagnosis) involves the proposal of a concrete action plan, linking up with relevant economic players or solution providers, complementary financing or expertise solutions or through support in national markets (BE 4.0 Trade Fair) and international markets (Hannover Fair).
    3. The formation of communities of leaders with companies already engaged in the process to facilitate the networking and exchange of good practices and mentoring companies wishing to become industries of the future.
    4. A business act to organise the actions of the Industry of the Future ecosystem and to identify the solution providers of the Grand Est to link them up with the companies.
    • 2nd industrial region of France (excluding Ile-de-France)
    • Industry represents 19% of the added value of the Grand Est region
    • More than 310,000 employees
    • 3,000 visitors at BE 4.0 Industries of the Future Trade Fair

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    The Industry of the Future Regional Plan

    Industry of the Future diagnosis