The Région Grand Est innovation accelerator

In 2017 the Région Grand Est initiated an unprecedented structuring policy in favour of the emergence and growth of start-ups. In this perspective, it set up a complete and effective support offer for start-ups, in liaison with the regional innovation ecosystem. In parallel, initiative procedures guarantee support at each stage of the development of the start-up. The goal is to support 200 start-ups over 5 years.

This regional policy is also based on a regional network of incubators, entrepreneurship support structures specifically tailored to the needs of start-ups and approved by the Region.

Figures :

Approximately €18m in regional credits over 5 years in support of projects :

  • €10m in grants, 200 companies over 5 years, i.e. 40 per year,
  • €4.5m for unsecured loans
  • Approximately €1.8m for the acceleration process backed by the unsecured loans

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6 competitiveness clusters

The mission of the competitiveness clusters, approved by the French State, is to unite all the players of research, the business world and the training world to support the economic development of their sector and generate collaborative projects and partnerships.

The Grand Est has six competitiveness clusters that have supported more than 1,000 collaborative projects for 3 billion euros since their creation: Industries and Agro-Resources Cluster (IAR), Fibres-Energivie, Materalia, Véhicule du Futur, Hydreos and Alsace Biovalley.

Figures : The 6 clusters include more than 1,300 innovation players with 900 companies and nearly 400 laboratories.

Link to the websites of the 6 Competitiveness clusters :

French Tech

French Tech is a collective brand to designate and promote the ecosystem of French start-ups in France and internationally. This national dynamic facilitates business and attracts investors; French Tech is for all those who are committed to the growth of start-ups and their international influence.

The Grand Est has a digital ecosystem that is naturally committed to this national dynamic launched in 2013.
French Tech in the Grand Est is LORnTECH, driven by the metropolitan cluster of Sillon Lorrain, and three areas: the metropolitan cluster of Strasbourg-Colmar-Mulhouse, Nogent and Reims who are members of thematic networks #IOT#Manufacturing, #Healthtech, #FinTech and #Sports.

Website links :

French Tech :
Sillon Lorrain :
TCRM Blida :
Le Paddock :
Le Thi’Pi :
French Tech Alsace:
La Fabrik du sport
Thematic network #IOT#Manufacturing:
Thematic network #FinTech:
Thematic network #HealthTech: BioTech – MedTech – e-santé:
Thematic network #Sports:

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